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    Lets end the stigma!

    ” Anxiety…See it as the price you pay for being fucking awesome! ”

    The Entrepreneurs guide to anxiety

    Written by Craig Craig

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    “I’ve got 99 problems but anxiety aint one! “

    You have what it takes. Join our community and help others by sharing your story. Give some support and recieve invaluable knowledge from eevryone here at TheAnxietyBlog.com

    …….Lets end the stigma!

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You have physical symptoms, right?

Thirst, dizziness, impending doom, sickness, cold sweating, high temperatures, shortness of breath, unbelievable worry, strange urges or tics.

These are just some of my symptoms yet I still live a happy and successful life.

Please understand you are not alone. These can and will be cured if you educate yourself on what anxiety is and how to beat it. Your in the right Place!!

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All this is aimed at helping you recover! So, welcome to our community…

the anxiety blog points

Anxiety, OCD, Depression…whats the difference?

Depending on your thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms will usually determine what category you fall under.

In short, they are all part of the same family.

I will teach you how these conditions physically happen in the body and every step I have taken to overcome 95% of my debilitating symptoms.

Regular trips to the A & E convinced I was having a heart attack was the norm for me. I was sure they were missing something. I would regularly convince myself I had a brain tumor and that why they couldn’t find out what was wrong with me. I would request scan after scan and constantly looked for second opinions from private help care providers. I would look up the costs of full body scans and full screening blood tests. All of which came back clear…my point is, I know exactly how you feel.  I felt alone, helpless and worried beyond belief.

the anxiety blog points

No Pain No Gain

Realise before delving into this blog that I may ask you to think about your bad thoughts and symptoms which may make you feel uncomfortable but you must stay open minded and willing to accept you can and will recover from this uncontrollable condition.

You Can Do It!

You just need to realise this is normal to have these thoughts, feelings and symptoms and they can all be manipulated & controlled through Diet, Exercise and coaching.

I and TheAnxietyBlog.com community are here for you every step of the way. You can and will get your life back on track and achieve the success you required and deserve.

Panic to Picnic

I’ve suffered from a severe anxiety condition since the age of seven. Despite being a very confident and successful person I’ve been embarrassed and afraid to tell anyone until recently about my mental health.

I think the lack of help and knowledge out there is ridiculous which is why I started TheAnxietyBlog.com

The support and community we have created is outstanding and I applaud everyone who has took a stand by sharing their knowledge, stories and symptoms. Your support has made my life worth living and I’m sure many in our community feel the same!

You can use this site to gain full recovery and support along the way.

There is nothing more important to me that your success story when you become panic and anxiety free!

“My life is plagued by anxiety”…sound familiar?

I hear so many people say those words and I was one of them.

You must start your investment of time right now and do what it takes to recover from this condition. And, remember it is just a condition and way of thinking. Its not an illness or something that cant be fixed. IT CAN and WILL !

I know exactly how to do it and I will show you how.

You owe it to your family, friend and most importantly, you owe it to yourself !

Everyone would tell me ” I have OCD ” because the like to keep clean or ” I hate going to work too Craig! ” . These people simply havent experienced the same feelings and thoughts you or I have. They just don’t get it!

I didn’t magically get better. I had to find the correct information and reason for my anxiety. You have just made that first step!!

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"Coming across Craig's story on YouTube has changed my life and anxiety condition. I have made such big improvements in my business and personal life and love how the website appeals to real working class people like me. I find the Anxiety Blog very motivational and comforting."

Gary McNairn - "I find the Anxiety Blog very motivational and comforting"

"I work in mental health and it is so good to finally see such good quality information on how to cure anxiety conditions. I regularly recommend my clients check out this website as I believe it truly does hold the information required to completely cure many conditions. I'm all for ending the stigma and feel Craig has not only made an impact but his information and story is unbelievably important for those seeking help with their anxiety condition."

Nicola Jones 'Mental health charity opperative' - "I'm all for ending the stigma"

"I believe this has to be the best site I have ever came across for helping people like me achieve an anxiety free life! I feel I cant relate to support groups etc as their is not really anyone in these group who have a busy working life like me. This website has saved my life!"

Gary Scott - UK " This website has saved my life! "