"Coming across Craig's story on YouTube has changed my life and anxiety condition. I have made such big improvements in my business and personal life and love how the website appeals to real working class people like me. I find the Anxiety Blog very motivational and comforting."

Gary McNairn - "I find the Anxiety Blog very motivational and comforting"

"I work in mental health and it is so good to finally see such good quality information on how to cure anxiety conditions. I regularly recommend my clients check out this website as I believe it truly does hold the information required to completely cure many conditions. I'm all for ending the stigma and feel Craig has not only made an impact but his information and story is unbelievably important for those seeking help with their anxiety condition."

Nicola Jones 'Mental health charity opperative' - "I'm all for ending the stigma"

"I believe this has to be the best site I have ever came across for helping people like me achieve an anxiety free life! I feel I cant relate to support groups etc as their is not really anyone in these group who have a busy working life like me. This website has saved my life!"

Gary Scott - UK " This website has saved my life! "